Phonics Kit
with Expert Lessons!

The Phonics kit provides complete solution from beginning phonics sound to reading, backed by video phonics guidance.




Phonics Learning Kit


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Why choose the #1 Learning Program for Your child?

Complete Phonics Program Delivered @ your home


Phonics Mastery Delivered Straight to Your Home

Discover a world of reading with the Exploralearn Phonics Kit, featuring over 250 dynamic activities, 200+ tactile wooden tokens, and 60+ immersive stories. This complete home-delivered program is designed to build a solid foundation in phonics, ensuring your child's journey to reading confidence is both comprehensive and enjoyable.

Expert-Led Video Lessons for Seamless Learning

The Exploralearn Phonics Kit includes access to expertly crafted video lessons, led by seasoned phonics educators. These lessons provide step-by-step guidance, from correct pronunciation to advanced reading techniques, ensuring your child progresses confidently and effectively on their path to reading mastery.


Transform Learning into a Thrilling Adventure

Engage your child in the thrill of learning with our beautifully designed, expert-crafted activities. From phonics sounds and CVC words to blends, digraphs, and tricky words, our kit makes learning an exciting adventure, covering every aspect of phonics from beginner to advanced levels.

A Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Phonics Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right resources. The Exploralearn Phonics Kit offers a complete phonics curriculum, replacing the need for multiple books or expensive online classes. This all-in-one, affordable solution provides unparalleled value, making it the perfect investment in your child's educational journey.


What Exploralearn Phonics Kit contains

200+ Wooden Alphabets, Sight words, Blends, Digraph and Dipthong Tokens

Unit 1 - Letter Sounds, Consonants and Short Vowel Activities
Unit 2 - VC Words, CVC Words, Activities and Games
Unit 3 - Consonant Blends, Ending Blends, Activities and Games
Unit 4 - Digraphs, different sounds of th, ch
Unit 5 - Unit 5Long Vowels Activities and Games, magic e
Unit 6 - Dipthong Activities and Games
Beginner to Advance stories focussing on phonics letters

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