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UKG Learning Kit for 4.5 to 6 Year kids - Mid Term


UKG Complete Learning Kit for 4.5 to 6 Year kids - Annual


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Filled with expert-crafted, top-quality skill development activities and comprehensive educational material.


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Watch your child learn while playing, and grow into a confident independent thinker and leader.

The Best Home Skill Development Program Delivered at Home.

Want to improve focus/attention span of your child?

Boost their confidence and become excellent communicator?
Want to keep them away from TV/Mobile?
Looking for the Best Learning Solution at home?
Want to install interest in Academics in a fun way?
Want to Lay a solid foundation for lifelong success?
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Benefits of our Program


Holistic Development

Our kit prioritizes holistic child development. From sharpening cognitive abilities to enhancing motor skills, and from instilling confidence to refining focus, we've curated a multitude of skill development activities to ensure your child blossoms in every facet.


Build Confident Communicators

Envision your child confidently discussing their learnings, not just at home, but also at school. Our unique blend of game-based learning and academic content doesn't only bolster subject confidence, but also nurtures their logical and analytical thinking prowess.


Engaging Learning Through Play

Your child will be engrossed in our 400 meticulously designed activities, offering fun-filled experiences that go beyond mere play. Each interaction amplifies their focus, boosts memory retention, and encourages logical thinking—all while they're immersed in joyful play.


Peaceful Parenting Promise

Parenting is both beautiful and challenging. We simplify your quest for the ideal learning tools. Hand your child an Exploralearn activity, and rest assured they're engaged constructively. Enjoy those cherished moments of peace, knowing your child's learning is in trusted hands.

Why choose the #1 Learning Program for Your child?

Complete Learning Program Delivered @ Your Home


400+ Premium Activities for Complete Development

Dive into the richness of Exploralearn's 400+ premium activities, meticulously curated to foster holistic growth in your child. Our program amplifies focus, instills confidence, sharpens problem-solving acumen, and hones academic prowess. It's not just an activity kit—it's a comprehensive developmental journey for your young one.

26 Model Building Activities

Experience the power of 26 enhancing activities. Our program offers a carefully curated selection of engaging experiences designed to enrich your child's skills and knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded learning journey that sparks curiosity and growth.


240 Write & Wipe Cards

Explore our collection of 240 Write & Wipe cards! These interactive tools provide hands-on learning opportunities, fostering creativity and problem-solving while making the educational journey both fun and practical for your child.

Logical Printed Worksheets and Schedule

Elevate your child's abilities in logic, observation, numeracy, and creativity with our expertly crafted worksheets. Plus, stay effortlessly on track with our day-by-day activity guide, ensuring the right challenge for every learning moment.


All-Inclusive Program Offering Exceptional Value, Enhanced with Exclusive Bonuses!

  • 26 Skill Development Activities - Rs. 30,000
  • 240 Comprehensive Unique Rewritable Educational Practice Activities - Rs. 10,000
  • 100 Skill Enhancing Worksheets - Rs. 2000


  • Child Guidance Development E books and material. - Rs. 8000
  • 2.Access to India’s Largest Downloadable Worksheets - Rs.10,000

Includes, Complete Structured 48 Weeks Day wise schedule

Total Value For Rs. 8,500 only


Midterm Vs Complete Term

Complete Term

Comprehensive Kit for your child!

26+ Skill Development Activities
240 Write and Wipe Activity Cards
100 Printed Worksheets
Colour and other Materials

Mid Term

Start the Journey to Make Your Child Smarter!

13+ Skill Development Activities
80 Write and Wipe Activity Cards
50 Printed Worksheets
Colour and Other Materials

Topics Covered

  • Reading and Writing - Beginning, Middle and Ending Sounds, Alphabet Small, Consonants and Blends, Vowels, Sight Words, A, An, This and That, These and Those etc, Action Words, Describing Words, Compound Words,Jumbled Words, Picture Reading, Mixed words
  • Numbers - Numbers, Number Names, Skip Counting by 2, 5 and 10, Forward and Backward Counting, Ordinals, Before, After and Between, Increasing/Decreasing, Addition, Subtraction, Number Line Problems, Word Problems, Tens and Ones, Time, < = >
  • Comparisons - Full, Half, Empty. Left and Right. Open and Close, Up and Down. Light and Heavy. More and Less, Same and Different. Thick and Thin. High and Low, Big, Bigger, Biggest. Tall, Taller, Tallest etc.
  • EVS - Living and Non Living Things, Seasons, Community Helpers, Animals and Plants,Body Parts/ Good and Bad Habit/Healthy& Unhealthy Food
  • Logical Reasoning, Shapes, Verbal Skills, General Awareness and much more...

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Exploralearn Learning Program?

Jump on board with 200,000+ parents who love Exploralearn! Delivered to your doorstep, our pack is filled with 400+ fun activities. From sharpening focus to boosting problem-solving and communication, our set makes learning school topics a breeze and skill-building a joy!


What's inside the Exploralearn package?

  • Over 400 thrilling activities crafted from quality materials like imported wood, cardboard, foam, and paper, ensuring both fun and repeat play.
  • Write-and-wipe cards for hands-on practice on key topics.
  • Printed worksheets geared towards honing logical and problem-solving skills.
  • A day-by-day schedule to guide your journey.
  • Bonus access to premium e-books for extended learning!
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    Do I need to be with my child while they play with the Exploralearn Program?

    While our program is designed to promote independent play based on the child's class level, there might be times when your child needs your help. Some activities might need you to explain concepts, but many can be done on their own!


    Is cash on Delivery available?

    We do not have COD available, but if you wish you can make partial payment. to get more details contact us, via whatsapp (given in menu) or mail us


    Is shipping free? Or do i need to pay additional charges?

    Yes, Shipping is absolutely free. We deliver free of charge all over India.


    What if something is missing/damage in the kit?

    We conduct thorough checks, but if you find any missing or damaged activity in your kit, please email us at We will promptly send you a replacement activity

    Loved by Over 2,00,000+ Parents Worldwide

    When we introduced the Exploralearn kit to our home, I was optimistic yet had my reservations. But to my surprise, in only a matter of weeks, my son's attention span improved dramatically. What's more, I've found it so much simpler to steer him away from his mobile and TV, and that's a win in my book!
    Tanya Mother of Ridhi & Reyansh,
    2.5 Years
    The Exploralearn Learning Program has been a revelation! The wooden activities captivate my child like nothing else, and the comprehensive curriculum has touched on every essential topic. I've observed a newfound confidence in him, especially when he's at school. Truly remarkable
    Yasmeen Mother of Azeem
    LKG – 4.5 Yrs
    The general awareness activities in the Exploralearn kit have turned my little one into a curious explorer. She's now asking questions about the world, about nature, about everything! It's heartwarming to see her take such an interest in subjects beyond her school curriculum. A big thumbs up!
    Sushma Bhat Mother of Anvit
    My daughter has always been a chatterbox, but her ability to express herself clearly was a concern. Enter Exploralearn. The communication exercises have refined her articulation skills. She recently narrated a story at a gathering, and everyone was in awe of her clarity and confidence. Beyond grateful!"
    Kreena Bavishi Mother of Misha
    The combination of physical and mental activities in the Exploralearn kit is what sets it apart. Watching my son balance between the wooden activities and the practice cards, I see a holistic development that I hadn't imagined. It's not just about academics; it's about shaping well-rounded individuals. Highly recommended
    Surbhi Khurana Mother of Abhiyansh
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