Are you facing these Challenges

  •  Want to make your child smarter and sharper?
  • Struggling with low attention span of your child?
  • Want to keep them away from TV/Mobiles?
  • Do you want holistic Development - Skill, Practice & Learning on Different Topics?
  • Want to keep your child constructively engaged?
  • Want your own Free time?

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What is Exploralearn Program?

  • Exploralearn Program is a Physical Activity Box Delivered at your Doorstep.
  • Designed by Early Childhood Experts
  • You get mostly replayable Physical Activities that enhances your child Skills like Focus, Logic, Problem Solving
  • Educational Write and Wipe Activity Cards - Provide Practice on different educational topics
  • Printed Worksheets - Logical Skills, Colouring and Educational Worksheets

Early Learning Kit - 1.5 to 3.5 Years

17000 8500
8500 4500

What is inside the Kit

400+ High Quality Activities

The Comprehensive Best Gift Ever!

A complete program to engage your child, provide learning and make them smarter.

26 Skill Enhancing Activities

No Need to Buy any More Toys!

Unique, Engaging and Replayable activities so your child have fun for months to come, and enhance 13 skills like - Focus, Cognitive, Motor, Confidence.

240 Write and Wipe Cards

Practice makes your child Perfect!

120 (240 sided) - Practice Write and Wipe Activity Cards, Covering all Educational Topics. Just Write, Wipe and Practice Again.

100 Printed Skill Worksheets

Develop Your Child's Brain

Logical, Analytical, Art and 100s of Topics to keep your child constructively engaged for months.

Complete Term

Mid Term

MidTerm vs Complete Term

Complete Term

Comprehensive Kit for your child!

  • 26+ Skill Development Activities
  • 240 Write and Wipe Activity Cards
  • 100 Printed Worksheets
  • Colour and other Materials

Mid Term

Start the Journey to Make Your Child Smarter!

  • 13+ Skill Development Activities
  • 80 Write and Wipe Activity Cards
  • 50 Printed Worksheets
  • Colour and Other Materials

Topics Covered

  • Alphabet - Recognition, Phonic Objects
  • Shapes - Identification, Shape Objects
  • Colours - Colour Identification, Real World Objects
  • Animals.- Jungle, Farm, Under Water, Birds, Reptiles, Homes, Habitat, Babies, What they Give
  • Comparisons - Big Small, Hot Cold, Inside Outside, Full Empty etc.
  • Tracing - Standing, Sleeping, Slanting Lines
  • General Awareness - People in House, Kitchen, Bathroom, School etc
  • Fruits and Vegetables - Identification, Matching
  • Seasons - Summer, Winter, Rainy
  • Numbers - Identification and Practice 1 to 10, Picture Counting
  • Our Body – Body Parts Identification, Sense Organs
  • Community Helpers, Colouring, Logical Reasoning, Patterns, Mazes etc.

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