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Complete Preschool | Playgroup Curriculum

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1. Language Skills (English)

Alphabet Recognition:
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  • Uppercase Letters: Introduce one letter at a time, starting with 'A'. Use flashcards, alphabet charts, and songs.
  • Lowercase Letters: Once uppercase letters are familiar, introduce lowercase. Use matching games and tracing activities.
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  • Letter Sounds: Teach the sounds of each letter (e.g., 'A' as in apple, 'B' as in Bat).
  • Blending Sounds: Simple CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words like cat, dog, and pig.
  • Thematic Words: Introduce words related to themes like animals, fruits, vegetables, colors, and body parts.
  • Everyday Objects: Names of common household items, toys, and clothes.
Rhymes and Stories:
  • Nursery Rhymes: Simple rhymes like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Humpty Dumpty," and "Baa Baa Black Sheep."
  • Short Stories: Age-appropriate stories with colorful pictures, focusing on moral values and basic comprehension.
Pre-Writing Skills:
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  • Tracing: Tracing lines, shapes, and letters using worksheets.
  • Fine Motor Activities: Activities like playing with playdough, threading beads, and using tweezers to pick up small objects.

2. Mathematics

Number Recognition:
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  • Numbers 1-10: Focus on recognizing and writing numbers 1-10 initially, then move to 11-20.
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  • Counting Objects: Counting everyday items like toys, blocks, and fingers.
  • Counting Songs: Songs like "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" and "Five Little Ducks."
Basic Shapes:
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  • Shape Recognition: Identifying circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and stars using flashcards and real-life objects.
  • Shape Sorting: Sorting activities with shape sorters or cut-out shapes.
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  • Color Recognition: Teaching primary and secondary colors using colorful objects, flashcards, and coloring activities.
  • Coloring Activities: Coloring within lines and using the correct colors.
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  • Simple Patterns: Creating and recognizing patterns using beads, blocks, and drawings (e.g., red-blue-red-blue).
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  • Concepts: Big/small, tall/short, heavy/light, more/less using everyday objects and pictures.

3. General Knowledge

Self and Family:
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  • Family Members: Names and roles of family members (mother, father, sibling, grandparents).
  • Self-Introduction: Teaching children to introduce themselves (name, age, gender).
My Home:
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  • Rooms: Names and purposes of different rooms (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom).
  • Household Items: Common items in each room (bed, chair, fridge).
  • School Environment: Familiarizing with classroom, teacher, and common school activities.
Community Helpers:
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  • Roles: Understanding the roles of doctor, teacher, police officer, firefighter, etc.
  • Dress-Up: Pretend play activities to explore these roles.
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  • Domestic and Wild Animals: Recognizing common domestic (dog, cat, cow) and wild animals (lion, elephant, tiger).
  • Sounds and Habitats: Learning animal sounds and where they live.
  • Parts of a Plant: Basic parts like root, stem, leaves, flowers.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Recognizing and naming common fruits and vegetables.
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  • Four Seasons: Identifying summer, winter, spring, and autumn through pictures and activities.
  • Seasonal Changes: Weather changes and appropriate clothing.

4. Environmental Studies

Body Parts:
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  • Basic Parts: Head, arms, legs, hands, feet, etc.
  • Functions: Basic functions of each body part.
Healthy Habits:
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  • Hygiene: Importance of washing hands, brushing teeth, bathing.
  • Healthy Eating: Identifying healthy foods and understanding the basics of a balanced diet.
  • Rules: Basic safety rules at home (not touching sharp objects, being careful with hot items) and outside (looking both ways before crossing the street).

5. Arts and Craft

Drawing and Coloring:
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  • Basic Drawing: Simple drawings of houses, trees, sun, and basic shapes.
  • Coloring: Coloring books and freehand coloring.
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  • Paper Craft: Simple crafts like making paper flowers, animals, and shapes.
  • Clay Modeling: Using clay to create simple objects and shapes.

6. Physical Education

Motor Skills:
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  • Gross Motor Activities: Running, jumping, hopping, balancing.
  • Playground Activities: Playing on swings, slides, and climbing structures.
Fine Motor Skills:
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  • Activities: Threading beads, building with blocks, doing puzzles.
  • Manipulative Skills: Playing with small toys, using child-safe scissors, and practicing tying shoelaces.

7. Music and Movement

Songs and Rhymes:
  • Singing: Daily singing sessions with nursery rhymes and simple songs.
  • Simple Movements: Dancing to music, following basic dance steps, and moving rhythmically.

8. Social Skills

Sharing and Caring:
  • Activities: Group play, sharing toys, and participating in group activities.
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  • Polite Words: Encouraging the use of polite words like please, thank you, sorry.
  • Greeting Others: Teaching children to greet teachers, friends, and family members.

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